Let's be real for a moment

Let's Be Real,I'm just going to go ahead and say this is not exactly how I imagined our spring break at all. I'm sure you too, are still trying to grasp all that has been happening around the world and even in our own country. I'm not going to pretend and say I haven't been…Read more Let's be real for a moment

To my girls who struggle to keep it together

Hey sweet friend!If you are a momma you know the spring season can be overwhelming with all the after school activities we are scheduled to do with our kiddos. To keep sane in this season of sports, graduations, small groups, friends and of course family time, I put together a few things that helped me and…Read more To my girls who struggle to keep it together

“You grow girl!”

"You grow girl!" That is the message that was put on the cutest little gift I received from my church at our Ladies’ Retreat. It made me think of the growth season I have been going through for the past 3 years. When I think back to all that I have been through, I know that every word I say now needs to…Read more “You grow girl!”

Bake that cake!

Bake that cake! Hey friend!I was organizing some of my blogs and I came across this one that I felt to share with you today!I wrote this blog a year ago, but I felt lead this is the perfect time to post it. Maybe you are going through a hard season with your little one,…Read more Bake that cake!

Slow Down For The Holidays

Hey sister friend! Do you ever feel like you are constantly playing catch up and you are on the verge of a major burnout any minute now? I can totally understand! I have been there so many times! It’s a struggle to find down time, especially around the holidays. Since October our life has been…Read more Slow Down For The Holidays


I just sat there in the corner of the prayer room staring at her with tears streaming down her face. My mind was racing, how would I approach her? What would I say? Several different scenarios went through my head but I just didn’t know how. I have always been a problem solver, always tried to…Read more Self/less

My Story

•Looking back at She Speaks Conference I have to say I am absolutely confident God changed all of our lives forever last week. At the conference we were asked to share our story with each other. •800 women for 3 days…wow…all the amazing stories I heard was so moving! There was a genuine sweet spirit…Read more My Story