What a beautiful day today is! God shed a light on some things that I felt the need to share and was ground breaking for me!

It was about self identity.I am blown away how much I was consumed by everything els and didn’t see clearly before.The fear of judgement by others for owning what my call is , feeling lost , feeling as a failure not having a successful “carrier” .Putting all these things in front of me made me spinning in circles!Only the enemy wants us to find our identity in what we do ,because he knows when the “success” is gone so is our value.

You see , God’s love is unconditional he died for us sinners so he doesn’t just love us because we do something for that love. He loves us at all times .His love is not defined by our actions so you and me can NEVER be a failure!

The source of our value and worth is in Jesus Christ and his unconditional love . As soon as we let that sink in we can be free of feeling like a failure.

My God and savior died for me ,so my place and value is in Him.His love forever endures no matter the circumstances,rather be success in a career or financial situation.No more worries about others opinions it is just me and Him.

I am here … now…raw in my faith with my sinful body standing in my father’s light soaking in the LOVE he has for me .Everything els fades away,because He loves me .

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