Do you have trust issues?
I see this issue in some shape or form daily.People’s trust is gone and we refuse to let others get to know us or get close to us anymore.Is it because we fear their judgement or we fear getting hurt again for the 100th time ? Or we just want to guard our heart from disappointment? Maybe is it just because we don’t have the energy for the details in a good friendship anymore?

I catch a lot of women on social media talking about how their circle of friends is so small that practically there is no one there anymore.

That is a very lonely way to be.Does this sound familiar?Trust me I have been there,I know and let me tell you something , it is a sad sad way to be! But I am here to team up with you and create an amazing friendship with you through Jesus Christ .

Even the people who has a tribe of friends and showing a glamorous life on social media get lonely.Do you know why ?

We are living times where everyone wants everything instantly.We don’t want to go the extra mile to nurture a relationship.Some people can buy friendships/relationships others long to have someone around to benefit them. A good relationship takes a lot of work,nurturing,patience and kindness.

I teach my kids to “Be kind and loving!” always .Those things are forever valuable in my opinion.But how can we have valuable friendships when we can’t even go the extra mile for our spouse or immediate family members?We were not created to be lonely and distant with each other. We were meant to love one another! That’s exactly what we all want ,be loved!

Dark forces want us women to be broken apart,have jealousy and envy toward one another.

So my friends we have work to do !

Are you ready to find out how your action can make a difference today ,right now in this moment?

Every positive action shifts this whole universe towards the light .

Come and join our women’s ministry and let’s do the leg work together!



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