This blog may not be as popular as other “run freely and do what feels good” messages, but I would like to share my thoughts on this subject.  In today’s society   men are not embraced, especially not  To be a Godly men.  It is all about girl power,  it is all about “I don’t need a man ” attitude.  I understand some of us experienced bad relationships, abusive relationships, physically or mentally abusive relationships and women had enough of men not stepping up to the plate  and fulfill their roll as a spiritual leader of the home .But let’s be honest, it is not appreciated to be a morally and spiritually good man anymore!  Not to make an excuse for any man…

For what it’s worth I love to be cared for!  I love that I have someone to take care of me when I need it, I love that I can be spoiled at times by my husband,  and no I don’t want to change the oil in my vehicle and mow the grass unless I have to. That doesn’t mean I refuse to,  or I wouldn’t do it if I needed to,  but I rather see my sexy husband do that. Just like I don’t expect him to take uppon baking and cooking all the time, unless the circumstencies dictate differently or if he wants to cook. I’m sure you understand what I mean by all this. I will not be competing with a man,  because I was created differently and  I don’t mind that.

So I am here to tell you men,  we need you!  We need you to be a good man,  we need you to be a good husband a good brother,  good dad,  a good son… etc

Ok ,let me just say this…I am a very independent woman,  and like to have my space  like a wild horse, and my husband knows this.  I am the happiest when I run freely,  but all farmland has a fence that keeps the farm animals inside of the fence.  I am running wild in the fenced area of Jesus in my heart and my husband is there to stir me,  to help me keep focus on Jesus. But what’s the coolest is that God gave me  free will to choose to stay inside of the fence.  As long as I stay in that area he will protect me and my family.

But let’s talk about what God intended for a marriage to be like.  Before we do that,  let’s look at the Bible and the very beginning .

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. And the LORD God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.” (NIV, Genesis 2:15-17)

In Genesis before Eve was created,  God warned Adam not to eat the forbidden fruit,  and it was his responsibility to communicate that to his wive. Obviously he didn’t do a very good job. He lost his position and his home.  Satan approached Eve with the idea of disobeying first. Adam was with her at the time and he fell to lead her.  So when men falls to listen to God and obey Him,  he can’t be the leader of the family.  This opens the door to Satan and allows him to come in and cause chaos in the family.  The issue in marriage isn’t about who is the boss,  it’s about honoring the structure God created for us.

The Bible says Satan comes to “steal,  kill,  and destroy ” – Jn 10:10

But when a husband is truly submitted to God he will be able to protect his family.  It is not about taking control over his wife and live in an abusive controlling relationship ,  it is about a man laying down the foundation that is spiritually and moraly right.

I see a beautiful picture here,  when the man/husband is the spiritual leader of the family and he is aligned with Jesus in his heart vertically,  than he is ready to love and minister his family horizontally.

Ok so here it is to you wives:

When our   husband is the follower of Christ,  our job is to support  him,  so he can stay on this path with Jesus.  We should always encourage them,  pray with them,  make discisions together … etc  It is teamwork that keeps a good marriage  going.

Our husband should not be a dictator,  rather be loving. And try to stir us to the right direction when we are wondering away,  and this applies to us the same.  Marriage is created to be one with our spouse. So I encourage you to put Christ first in your marriage and together you will accomplish incredible things!

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