Me and my husband usually pretty good dates, but I needed to dig up some new ideas to make it more fun for us.

So here is ten fun filled awesome stuff to do for you and your boyfriend or husband!

1; Go and hike at a new place you have never been before. Mysterious walks like this could freshen up a relationship when you have been so busy all week long!

It is a quick getaway and doesn’t cost much either.

2; Go ice skating. This could be a lot of fun and a bunch of giggles if you are like me and not the best skater in the world..

3; Go on a zip line. This could be a little scary but your will be there with you!

4;Go to an amusement park together.Ton of stuff to do and you get to be kids once again.

5; Go fishing. Guys like to fish either fresh water or deep sea fishing. Never know you might just make you partner proud!

6; Go to Goodwill and buy some CRAZY clothes, put it on and go eat dinner somewhere. This could be a lot of fun!

7; Make pottery together. Plus at the end of the day you could watch Ghost with (Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore).

That would be a super romantic date.

8; Run a 5K together.

We haven’t done this yet but we definitely love to go for runs together, so this would be great!

9; Go to a sports event together. Watch a baseball or basketball game.

10; This could be my most favorite thing!

Volunteer together at a local homeless shelter.

I believe volunteering together can bring couples closer since it’s such genuine ministry.

Hopefully some of these ideas can shake up your everyday life and bring you and your husband(boyfriend ) closer together and enjoy life.

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