When someone makes a compliment on  your outfit do you ever shut them down with something like “oh no I look horrible” or “thanks but I really don’t think it looks good on me”….etc? Awhile back God showed me I use  unkind language to myself at times… I didn’t realize how important it was how I speak about myself and to myself… Do you ever get that way? It’s like you don’t feel you have the permission to allow yourself to be okay with who you are? It is so important  how we use our words not only toward each other but also to ourselves! It is truly amazing what a difference encouraging words can make! I have been focusing a lot to improve my social skills and use the right words with others. But honestly I have never taught about applying some of that to myself. I  felt selfish to focus on me, plus I felt like I would not sound humble enough if I said something like “ Yeah, thanks!” Isn’t that crazy?

One day I was reading about negative self-talk and  I realized I needed to implement a positive shift in my life. I came to  understand and appreciate what God blessed me with and not feel guilty for it. I started looking at my blessings, instead of my flaws. Started doing a little research about how to shift judgmental  and negative self-talk into a positive light, how to shift words and make good choices in my vocabulary. That’s when I found a few things that helped me to change my habits. It is truly important to understand who we are and see ourselves worthy. If you struggle with self image issues, you don’t feel you are good enough,  I hope these 3 tangible points will help you to overcome obstacles you struggle with it and shift your mindset .

1; Recognize your negative talk

Start by paying attention to your vocabulary. Self-limiting talk could be something like:

  • “ I can’t do this”   
  • “ It’s so hard”      
  • “ I’m so fat “        
  • “ My hair looks awful “

Self-limiting talk creates a self- fulfilling  prophecy because we stop looking for solutions and assume defeat. We tell ourselves we just can’t handle it..

Before you do anything ask God to revile it to you when you use negative language..Be intentional with yourself.  

I’m a bible reading girl and if you want to you may use some of the scripture I collected to embrace you God’s work in your life on the long run.

Philippians 4:8-9 says

Start focusing on your good parts and try to see things in a different light. Embrace all of you, good and the bad parts of you. You will find peace and joy, you will be confident in who you really are.  

2; Re-frame your thoughts, change focus

Renew your mind . Other people may have made you feel insecure, insignificant, unworthy  in the past and if you are not careful these words can dictate who you become. We are all created for a divine purpose. We can use our weakness and turn it into our strength. Through the scripture God can replace our negative self-talk and reflect how God sees us. Whatever anyone says about us will be insignificant , since we will find our identity in Christ.(Romans 12:2 says)

Don’t believe all the lies this world is trying to tell you! Be  transformed by the renewing of your mind, so you can be who you were meant to be.

3;Practice replacing negative self-talk

Now all you need to do is put it into practice!

“ I look really awful today”           vs. “I look the best that I can be today.”

I am a mom of two little kids and life can be rough when you work full time, and try to do it all. With really focusing on my health, working out and journaling in the mornings, getting the kids ready…etc. I don’t always look perfect when I get to work in the morning. But I tell myself I did the best I could with my looks this morning. I didn’t do a blowout but I took care of my body and soul and my kids… Just try to find the bright side of things.Replace negativity with hope and  life giving words.(1 Peter 2:9)

You are beautiful just the way you are no one get to tell you who you should be or what you should look like! There are things about you that no one else has and that makes you unique and special. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

God’s creation is truly perfect, so are you and our purpose is to reflect his will for us. So you my dear are perfect, all you have to do is let your little light shine.

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