Hey friend, I was sitting here thinking how I could  help you as a mom with the craziness that’s going on in our society today.. The ongoing pressure to prove, to be everything everyone else wants us to be is just too much.

We read all the blogs and listen to all the podcasts. We get all fired up and  yet struggle to solve what our “ big  purpose” is and what our “goals and dreams” are. We are constantly pressured to be successful, make killer money, look absolutely gorgeous at all times, be a perfect mom, and of course be the sexiest wife ever! I know you feel the pressure too… I  don’t think it is bad to have dreams and goals! Not at all! Believe me, I am a big dreamer! I have been a crazy and wild dreamer since I was a little girl! I believe we should always learn and grow. We should never be stuck in one spot just waiting for someone to come and  rescue us. I believe in working  hard for what you want . So don’t think for a second I won’t be one of those crazy ladies cheering you on! Rooting for you to achieve yours goals and dreams! I think we need to find a healthy balance though and give ourselves grace. I had to realize that I just need to take it easy and do the best I can!

Making small changes in my life has helped me tremendously in truly understanding how important my spiritual, mental, and physical state is.

But let’s go back in time a bit. I have been battling anxiety and  panic attacks since a young age. I had my first panic attack when I was 18. We were at a concert standing in the 1st row having a great time and all of a sudden smoke machines started blasting out thick smoke right into my face. I couldn’t breath and I tried to get out of there but  it was super crowded and I had nowhere to go. After a few minutes, it seemed like longer, my friend got me out. I  felt so helpless! Ever since I don’t  do well with small spaces for a long period of time, it triggers a panic attack. My anxiety got worse when  my first baby was born, it  was a struggle to balance life and  work. I’m sure a lot of you moms understand  what I’m talking about. It is a whole new level of learning how to manage work and family. It is a big adjustment for everyone.

Even today I have to be very intentional with my time and the goals I set for myself.

I am OCD about our house  being clean and clutter free. Clutter literally gives me anxiety. I  had to learn how to ask for help from my husband and the kids. Honestly, I don’t see how I can be organized in any other area of my life if I’m not organized in my own house. Do you ever struggle with the clutter too? What about the never ending piles and mountains of laundry? I have just the right solution for ya girl, get a housekeeper!… Well, if you can get one, but as for us we can’t really budget in a housekeeper right now. So until we can, team work has to do it.  My husband and kids constantly help me out with laundry and dishes. Let’s face it, without this bunch I would be in the kitchen until 9:00 pm every night!

So thankful for their help!

Also, I have implemented  five simple steps that  tremendously helped me in my everyday life. If you ever struggle like I did, try these five things see if it helps you.

1; Have 30 min to yourself in the morning.

Set the clock and get up before the kids do. Have a little alone time, do a little prayer journal. I know it sounds insane but honestly this routine has changed my whole life and attitude . I love sipping on my hot coffee and reading scripture, journaling and setting goals for the day. No little girl trying to tell me about their bakery shop or the latest fashion style  in the Barbie world. No little boy trying to explain how to build a volcano in  Minecraft or sharing the latest obsession with his new Imperial Walker…No, it is just me and God talking and reflecting and meditating on his word. Honestly if your spirit and soul is taken care of in the morning you will carry it through the day and it  will overflow in every area of your life. You will be able to be there for your family and it won’t seem like such a hussle.

2;Ask for help!

Sister, you are not made to carry everything on your own! Most mom’s will feel guilty for asking because we were taught as women that it is our job to take care of the house work and family. Times have changed and a lot of us work full time now, with no help we naturally drop something because we can’t do everything. It’s very easy to have take out instead of cooking, or leave the laundry because there is too much too keep up with. Maybe try to ask your husband, your kids, your mom, your sister ask someone to help you out.

3;Eat healthy and exercise.

I know… I know…A lot of times I felt like not waking up early or working out, but every time I did not I felt like crap. I felt tired all the!

I decided I can not feel like this anymore, I can not function like this any longer. Crazy as it sounds working out makes me feel very energetic . It also relieves stress so I just can not afford not to do it.

4;Make sure you get enough sleep.

I honestly had no idea how important this was until I actually started my bedtime routine. My husband and I always stayed up late after we put the kids in bed. This was our adult time. We still make time for each other, but we try not to stay awake past 10:00pm. It is crucial to have enough sleep for our  body and brain to recover daily. I experienced a huge difference after sleeping enough. I feel so much better over all!

5; Do more of the things that make you laugh!

Y’all this is so important…Simply just do more of what makes you

laugh! Spending time with the kids, Friday game nights, girls

night out with your besties, be silly and let loose!

These little things are the glue between all the big stuff, between your  dreams and goals and purpose. If  you don’t have the little things figured out it will be hard to achieve anything. Once you implement  these five steps I promise you the quality of your life will change! It is like a tide in the harbor, raising all the boats up.  It will overflow in all areas of your life so you can overflow to others.

It will steer you in the right direction to use your gifts and fulfill your purpose, help you to find joy and peace. So sister, what’s keeping you away from investing in yourself? Be who God made you to be. Live a purpose driven meaningful life. Have joy and give hope to others!

Just be you!

Psalm 23:5

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies: you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.”

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