I love womanhood, I love everything about it! I always yearned for true friendships that are

meaningful and honest.  Even though how I get older the definition of meaningful has changed in

my mind, according to my walk with the Lord. He gave me a different view of friendships and

relationships that is much wider and deeper than ever before. Only through him could I ever

experienced such a profound love that’s unconditional and everlasting.

Going through this journey I have developed more and more passion to reach out to other woman

 and speak into certain parts of their lives.

It breaks my heart what a pressure woman are under today. When a mom is so

busy she can barely handle it, that is exactly  satan’s sweet spot. He loves to take our focus

away from us. After all we raise the next generation and that is a pretty important job to do!

So important that he tries to steal and destroy everything that was ever important to us.

He is a liar and he wants you to feel alone, feel like nobody cares about you and your issues.

He likes to hide in all the crevices where we don’t realize it, he is trying to fill the space in between.

Girl, I understand… I get overwhelmed too! I have small kids and a full time job not to mention

all the activities and sports, if it’s not any of those than it’s a side project like remodelling  the

kids bedroom..etc.there is always something right? How can we stay grounded and live a life

that’s purpose filled and intentional?

God didn’t intend it to be like this,he wants us to enjoy all the things he gave us.

He wants us to live a life that’s meaningful and joyful.

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in His pavilion;In the sacred place of

His tabernacle He shall hide me;He shall set me high upon a rock.And now my

head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me;Therefore I will offer

sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle;I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord.”

-Psalm 27:5-6

Just know this sister,you are never alone! There is always someone within

reach you can talk to, but the one who you can lean on and will never disappoint

you is Jesus.Bring all your  pain and sorrow, everyday problems, your mommy issues…etc.

and lay it at His feet. He has already taken care of it all, all you have to do is trust him.

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