•Looking back at She Speaks Conference I have to say I am absolutely confident God changed all of our lives forever last week. At the conference we were asked to share our story with each other.

•800 women for 3 days…wow…all the amazing stories I heard was so moving! There was a genuine sweet spirit hovering over the place and we cried and laughed together, us sister friends…

•I want to share a little bit of my story with you, maybe it will inspire you to share yours with me and many others.

•My journey started as a little girl. When I was 4 years old I told my mom one day I would have to go far away from home and do something important…. Fast forward 34 years, I am living in the United States trying to help women find hope in the midst of their suffering. I am answering God’s call. I came here chasing the “American Dream” instead I found there is something much more important and that is hope and love.

•Moving to a new country and dealing with the culture shock was not easy. .. The culture differences and some of the rejections led to self-doubt and fear. I battled with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. After our first baby I also struggled with postpartum depression. All this brought me to a place where I wanted to give up. Little did I know that God had different plans for me. He reached out and scooped up what remained of me from the bedroom floor, wiped my tears off and told me His story. He told me He died for me so I could be free of all my suffering, all I had to do was accept Him!

•Getting to know the Father helped me overcome shame and guilt. I finally saw myself through His eyes, I started to see I am adored and I am worthy.

I began gaining a strong and healthy view of who I really was.

•He led me to start reading the word. That progressed into sharing my story with other women. Thus the beginning of my writing.

I wrote in private, fearing judgment from others. Since English is my second language, I really needed Jesus to come through!…lol

•I wrestle with God constantly about this, but He promised me He can transform me and make beauty out of ashes. So here I am, telling my story, hoping there is one person out there who hears my heart and sees Jesus through it all.




(Photo: circa 2000 Hungary/ 20 years old)

#sheisfaithfulproject #jesuslovesyou #jesuschangedmylife #writingsofaforeigner #hungariangirl #encouragement #findyouridentityinjesus

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