I just sat there in the corner of the prayer room staring at her with tears streaming down her face. My mind was racing, how would I approach her? What would I say? Several different scenarios went through my head but I just didn’t know how. I have always been a problem solver, always tried to make others feel better, never the type to shy away from a conversation. But this time nothing came to mind. Instead, with empathy in my heart, I walked away to leave her some space… Or at least that was my excuse.
Her pain, her affliction, was all too familiar. I have felt like an outcast in the past, desperate for God to show me the way out of darkness. Just like she could have felt sitting there as an amputee surrounded by comfy pillows on the hard floor, trying to find comfort and time away from the hectic schedule of the conference we all attended. In this tranquil room we felt safe, like a child running to her father just to be held for a moment to feel protected, covered and loved. The lights were dimmed, water trickled from the tabletop fountain paired with music playing softly in the back. As I walked away from that heartfelt scene, each step confirmed a harsh truth. I did not know how to react to someone else’s pain or sorrow.
When we don’t know the answer to the hard things, why is it so difficult for us to ask questions? Ask questions in order to learn and grow.
Whether it is physical appearances or cultural differences our heart was designed by the same God, and we all have the same need and that is to be LOVED.
Luke 11:10 says “who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” 
So maybe ignorance is a choice after all and all we have to do is pray God opens our eyes and  hearts so we can love like He did.
Because true love is willing to lay down our differences and insecurities and ask the hard questions! That day I didn’t mean to ignore her, I was just too insecure to think outside of myself. Thankfully later on I had an opportunity to confess to her about that time and asked her how could I have better handled the situation.
“3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:3-4 
Like the verse says, together we can put on a Christ like mind and attitude and choose to humble ourselves towards others. Putting others in front of our needs will make a difference! It is grace we can show like Jesus did and love just as He did. That is how we can create a true community as women and care for one another!
In today’s society it is very easy to be self centered. But what brings us alive is the love of Christ, that not only heals our insecurities but reaches out to others through us. God can bring us to a level of freedom from our selfish feelings and serve others. Instead of focusing on the parts where we can stand out and impress others, let others shine bright and let us be encouraging. Remember, everything you don’t know is something you can learn. That day the girl in the “prayer room” changed my life forever, she thought me to look beyond my insecurities and instead love others. I sincerely hope it will change yours too.
Prayer: Father I pray You would open up our eyes to see beyond our insecurities and help us value others above ourselves.
Related Resources or Reflect & Respond questions:
Examen yourself. Is there anything you can do or change right now to put others first? Is there anything you could learn to grow your relationship with others?
Written by Csilla Nelson

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