Bake that cake!

Bake that cake!

Hey friend!

I was organizing some of my blogs and I came across this one that I felt to share with you today!
I wrote this blog a year ago, but I felt lead this is the perfect time to post it. Maybe you are going through a hard season with your little one, maybe you are going through a hard time right now and your family is experiencing your anxiety.
Being a mom is a struggle sometimes, if you can relate you should definitely read it!

Thankful that God is growing me a little every day to be a better version of myself for my family and friends!



Bake that cake!

I decided I am going to bake a cake for my niece for her birthday.
Before I begin to tell you about my story with baking, let’s just get something straight….
I hate to bake… even if I try to follow the directions on the box I will screw it up BIG TIME…You heard me! In the box!
I tried to make a cake from scratch first, but that was a disaster. It fell apart and most of it stuck to the bottom. So I thought, heck with this I am going to use a cake mix!
You see my 6 year old daughter’s most favorite thing to do after singing and dancing is baking. This year I decided I want to spend more quality time with her and if that’s what she likes to do, well by the Holy Spirit I was going to do it! Little did I know not only baking will be a disaster, so as doing it together….
“Following the instruction of the recipe is very important! – I explained. She looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and her big smile and she said: “Okay! ” then excitedly she started pulling things out. When She tried to crack the eggs that were sitting on the counter I literally started having an anxiety attack. I knew at that moment this was a bad idea. I wasn’t only stressing over the cake, but now I was also stressed out because this whole thing was becoming a big chaos, and momma here does not do well with any of that… I warned her to be careful but when she tried to poor all the lemon juice in the cake batter I lost it and yelled at her. “That’s enough! “- I said , “I told you a hundred times we have to follow the directions!”
It got really quiet for a minute, my voice seemed to echo through the house …! I immediately felt awful!
With tears in her eyes she stomped away to her bedroom.
I ruined the whole thing! I tried to be a good mom and do something my daughter loves and it ended up in a disaster. My eyes swelled up with tears and I got so angry at myself ! How can I ruin everything so quickly?!
If you are a momma please tell me you can relate! All hope is in you sister!
That day I learned something very valuable friend. Give up on all the silly rules and just have fun with your kiddos! It is the time we spend together that’s so very important! It is not about being a picture perfect mom or a great baker! I don’t care if “Pam” “Chelsea’s” mom can bake a White Chocolate Truffle cake with raspberry preserve!

If you had a similar situation where you were just putting too much pressure on you and the activities you planed with your family I understand…I wanted to be that mom for so long! But you know what ? That’s not what’s truly important!
It is about the time we spend together and spending it well with our family. Because leaving a legacy behind starts with the small things in your home, in your family.

Don’t be too hard on yourself my sweet mama’s! Let’s pray for the next right thing and live life to the fullest with the ones we love and bake that darn cake!


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