To my girls who struggle to keep it together

Hey sweet friend!

If you are a momma you know the spring season can be overwhelming with all the after school activities we are scheduled to do with our kiddos. 
To keep sane in this season of sports, graduations, small groups, friends and of course family time, I put together a few things that helped me and my family stay in our lane even in a busy season like this. Please allow me to share it with you, it may helps you and your family!

1; Once month sit down with your calendar and schedule out all the “To – Do’s”
 – Dr’s appointments, hair appointment, school activities….etc
 – Also schedule out all your social events (these are just as important as your other “to – do’s” !)
Make time for it girl, community can be life giving! …lol

2: Once a month declutter your house, wash your sheets, dust the shelves. Schedule it out so other family members can help you too. I promise you, it will cut your time in half when they help you!

3: If you haven’t tried to schedule your grocery pick up DO IT!! It is life changing!! We try to plan our meals out for the week so that helps when we get home from a long day of school, work, soccer practice….etc.

4: Try to do laundry throughout the week and ask your family members to help you put them up. If you run a load every day or every other day it can save you a tremendous amount of time on the weekends! Anyway if you already have dinner done in your instant pot (God sent!!)  you will have time to fold those clothes.

5: Have your sabbath! We start out with Friday pizza night/movie night and rest Saturday. Once a week have a day set aside, turn your phone off and go outside, take a walk, do something fun with your fam. The phone thing can be hard but you will get used to it, and so will your family and friends!…lol

These are the five simple steps that helped me to keep up with life and not feel like I’m going insane in the midst! Hope I could help you see it through!

Go momma! You are AMAZING!!       


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