Dear Friend,

Are you struggling this week?

It has been a roller coaster of emotions around here. My 6-year-old constantly wants to be heard; she needs to process things externally. My 10-year-old breaks down emotionally for no reason periodically. So, we decided to take off from school on Good Friday to rest and focus on God.

It has been hard to homeschool two kids, keep up with work and housework. I’m sure you can relate…

We try to set up a good routine, so we don’t lose it around here. Some days we succeed very well, other days we feel defeated. 

To be honest, Easter was the saddest Easter I have ever experienced in my life. We missed our church community so much, our friends and family. The weather was gloomy and dark, perfectly matching my mood. I could just feel the sadness in the air, the heartbreak God must’ve experienced so long ago when he was separated from His own son…. But the message of the resurrection gave me so much hope! I felt the power of Jesus Christ working. Through Him I had hope, for there is a new day to come! 

Dear sister, today is a new day and a new beginning! The old has gone, so we choose life over death and we defeat evil. We rebuke any depression or sadness!! We declare the power of the Holy Spirit will lead us through today, tomorrow, the rest of the week, month or year! 

So, cling on to your prayers, hold fast to the heart of God and declare the truth! 

Jesus has risen!! 

I hope you find joy in this fundamental truth, and in the little things throughout the week. Take a minute to feel gratitude; thank God for all He has done.

We will get through this together! 



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